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Well, I finished this in three hours and ended up sleeping at 10am. I am a big sucker for the trope where there’s a really bubbly, outgoing girl and a reserved, introverted guy, so this was a sure read for me. I loved the Off-Campus series, so I was really ecstatic that the other guys were getting a spin-off.

Summer Di Laurentis just transferred to Briar. She’s pursuing a degree in fashion, and she unapologetically loves it, despite the judgment people throw her way. But she gets kicked out of her sorority house before the term even starts, and she needs a place to stay. Dean (her older brother, who we definitely remember from Off-Campus) talks to Fitzy, Hunter, and Hollis to give her a place to stay, and that works. But Summer has a big fat crush on Fitzy since the first time she saw him, and he wants nothing more than to just stay away from the spotlight, which always seems to be following her. There’s a lot of banter and hilarious conversations, and even important topics like ADHD, rape culture, and effects of past abuse. I really had a nice time reading it after seeing all the issues they tackled.

Despite that, however, I had reservations about writing this review. While I am a sucker for the bubbly girl/quiet guy trope, I didn’t like the way Fitzy was shaming her. He called her dramatic so many times in the book and acted as if he was ashamed of her. It does get better in the latter half when he apologizes, but it still irked me how this guy still got the girl when he treated her so poorly and basically played with her emotions for about 40% of the book, maybe more. I’d also have to say that I wished Elle included more people of color (I mean come on, are most athletes really white?) and the kind of unnecessary love triangle in the start. I didn’t like how that one was handled and it left me hanging. I also felt like Summer would have been better off with Beau Maxwell, even if he’s not alive anymore……Fitzy really didn’t deserve this sunshine. BUT other than those two issues, I had a great time reading this book, and I can’t wait to read about Brenna’s story!

Though I did have issues with the ship, I did like them in the end. They were adorable and once Fitzy grew out of his asshole mood, they were a really fun couple to read about. Summer is so easy to relate to, and I think her energy throughout the book resonated with me a lot. Her ADHD is something I can deeeefinitely associate myself with, and I liked how Elle dealt with Summer’s experience with that.

P.S. The next one is definitely about Brenna and Connelly. AND I CAN’T WAIT.

Title: The Chase (Briar U #1)
Author: Elle Kennedy
Genre: New Adult, Romance, Fiction
Source: E-Book
Publication Date: August 6, 2018
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Rating: 3/5


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