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This was infinitely better than the last three books Krista and Becca have released. Tangled Like Us is one that’s definitely been worth the wait, and I just can’t get enough of Thatcher and Jane’s story.

Everyone knows who Jane Cobalt is — after all, when your parents are basically regarded as American royalty while the rest of your relatives have had their fair share of scandals, it’s kind of hard not to. After the events of Alphas Like Us, where a friends-with-benefits relationship ended pretty badly, Jane has taken a “no sex” vow and has no intention of letting anyone in again. Things change when a strange “Cinderella” ad for potential suitors surfaces (thanks to her annoying grandmother, who I can’t believe is still alive and is still being annoying) and now, the media won’t stop attempting to matchmake her with everyone else. Her bodyguard and long-time crush Thatcher Moretti — comes into the picture and offers to become her fake boyfriend.

Okay, before anything else, I think it’s important to say that I reallllllyyy did not like the first three Like Us books. I found them more fetishizing than anything else, and they really made me alienate myself from the authors and a lot of people from the fandom. Tangled Like Us is so much better. I literally couldn’t put the book down, and I ate up the words so quickly and found myself smiling in so many of the scenes between Jane and Thatcher. Obviously, for me, scenes with Sulli and Akara took the front seat, and I like seeing their build-up slowly happen (even if ALU would’ve been the perfect start to their story…). The Cobalt family moments were adorable, and seeing things from Thatcher’s point of view and his relationship with his twin brother was really intriguing and refreshing. I loved how Jane’s body image issues were tackled, and I really found their dynamic to be soft and adorable.

Now, what I didn’t like: I love the characters from this series a lot, and when Krista and Becca announced that fake-dating would be one of the tropes involved for Cobaretti, I was interested in seeing how things would take place, BUT I found the whole reason behind it so stupid and easily resolvable, and just………funny. It was just so weird and out-of-place and kind of unrealistic that it didn’t register in my mind for a solid ten minutes that that was the reason they were fake dating in the first place. It’s been years and I can’t believe Samantha Calloway is still alive and causing trouble. How hard would it be for anyone to tell her to leave?! It’s been well over twenty(?) years from the last series. How is she not dead yet?! Another one was how in-your-face Maximoff and Farrow’s relationship was, and while I know that Jane and Moffy are best friends, so many of their scenes were unnecessary, and he got so much more scenes than all her seven siblings combined. During the first three books, we didn’t see as much of Jane as we did this time of Moffy and Farrow. It also seemed so unrealistic of Thatcher to think of Farrow as the best bodyguard in SFO when he constantly ignores comms and breaks rules while someone like Akara who’s literally the lead is right there. I felt like it was the your-fav-character-likes-this-guy-and-therefore-you-should-like-him-too kind of thing.  AND then the ending. Why do the Alpha and Beta leads hold so much power over Thatcher and Jane when she could easily ask them on her behalf? Or ask her parents to fight for her? Her family is the one in power; they literally can change the security teams because they’re paying for their services……… like……they have the full capacity to dictate if a kid wants a particular bodyguard.

However, all in all, I did love this book a lot. The romance was well-done, and I am still finding myself rereading the scenes that I highlighted and loved. I still don’t understand why Jack and Oscar are getting a book before Akara and Sulli are, but I can’t wait for Sinful Like Us.

Title: Tangled Like Us (Like Us #4)
Author: Krista & Becca Ritchie
Genre: New Adult, Romance, Contemporary
Source: E-Book
Publication Date: January 16, 2019
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Rating: 4/5


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