REVIEW: Descendant of the Crane


I feel like I did something heroic in my past life for being fortunate enough to have been sent the ARC by Joan back in January. Seriously, Descendant of the Crane is a masterpiece. The descriptions and world-building are done so beautifully and intricately that I literally felt my eyes widening and the hair on my arms rising as I continued reading.

Descendant of the Crane is pitched as a Chinese-inspired Game of Thrones, and though it does fit that description, I felt like it was infinitely better. It had even more intriguing political themes, more complex family dynamics, gruesome scenes, and unexpected treasons and twists……in addition to literally every badass thing you can think of. When her father is killed, Princess Hesina suddenly finds herself as the Queen of a kingdom on the brink of war. She turns to the alluring yet mysterious Akira—a convict whose past was shrouded in darkness—to find the answers she needs, and perhaps a lot more than what she expected.

This book left me speechless. I’ve personally never come across a novel with an unexpected, yet incredibly believable betrayal. I didn’t trust any of the characters—except Sanjing and Rou, I love you and I would die for you both—and even the author (Sorry, Joan!!!!!!!!!). I adore every twist that came my way, and all of them gorgeously intertwined with one another to form a carefully constructed, yet equally lush storyline.

Descendant of the Crane absolutely blew my mind, and I can’t wait for everyone to be able to read it in ten days! This is a beautiful debut novel, and I am so excited to see more of Joan’s work.

P.S. Check out the pre-order bonus for the book! You get to have a set of five lovely character cards since the rose gold bookmarks are gone (GOES TO SHOW YOU HOW EXCITED EVERYONE IS FOR THE BOOK OMG) if you send in your form before the deadline of April 9th. Here’s the one I got in my mail <3

Title: Descendant of the Crane
Author: Joan He
Genre: Young Adult, Fantasy, Romance
Source: ARC via author
Publication Date: April 9, 2019
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Rating: 5/5


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4 thoughts on “REVIEW: Descendant of the Crane

  1. 😍😍😍 I’m dying waiting for this book to be available here!! So glad you loved it so much!

  2. Thank you for reminding me to preorder! I’m really bad at tracking new release publishing dates, as I always think I have more time.

  3. I pre-ordered it on Kindle, but I am questioning whether it would have been better to pre-order on Audible instead. Oh well, we will find out I guess!

  4. I think this will be my favorite book for 2019, I just completely loved it and can’t wait to have a physical copy in my hands. Idk about you, I love my bookmark but I’m also like ‘I could have gotten all 5 character cards!’ lol

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